Brain Injuries Attorneys

This Brain Injuries section concerns injuries involving extremely serious trauma with permanent brain damage, invariably involving long periods of coma. At our law firm we have handled cases of this kind.

We have been privileged to represent Brain Injury Victims and their families who we consider to be the bravest people we have ever met. These families were ripped apart by catastrophic Brain Injuries suffered by family members. The mutual support we have seen and continue to see, is remarkable. The love we see, and have seen, is boundless. These families have honoured us by not only allowing us to be their lawyers, but by welcoming us and our son, Zachary, into their extended families to the point where, when we are with them, it is like being with family. We feel the same way about them.

There is no manner to even begin to compensate for the injuries and losses in these situations, but what is available through insurance is monetary compensation. These types of files, by their very nature, are extremely complicated, including issues such as past costs, present needs, future costs, actuarial tables – the list is basically endless. It is extremely important that a law firm, be retained in these situations, due to the complexity of the issues involved and the sheer number of issues involved

We, at our law firm, are very respectful of the families involved and take away as much stress as we possibly can so that the families can deal with their traumatic situation without having to worry about whether the legal matters are being handled. At the end of the day, we ensure that the monies obtained truly reflect the severity of the injuries. You learn a great deal from these situations. If one wants to know the true value of money, one only needs to look at a situation like this, where settlements involving millions of dollars don’t even begin to touch the injuries and losses involved and where the injured victims and their families would forsake the monies in a heartbeat to have their lives returned to a pre-injury state.

Notice: For further discussion please see Severe Injuries : Head Injuries.