Personal Injury Attorneys

When injuries are suffered there is no perfect manner in which to adequately compensate a victim for the injuries suffered. The more severe the injuries, the more inadequate the available compensation seems. The compensation available is monetary, through insurance. No one ever has a moral problem getting their car repaired by insurance after an accident. However, the insurance company cannot simply “repair” an injured party to his pre-injury state, so the compensation available is monetary compensation. In our experience, we have never had a client who wouldn’t forsake the monies to be returned to their condition prior to the accident, and obviously the more serious the injuries, the larger the wish that they could be returned to their pre-injury state.

Our law firm strongly suggests that you contact our office as soon as possible after an accident, or after deciding to pursue your claim, in order that we may fully protect your rights by protecting you from adjusters and other persons who act against your interests and only on behalf of the insurance companies’ interests. The firm ensures that the information the insurer receives, or the answers that the insurer is given, accurately reflect your situation and your injuries, in order that when your claim is finalized you receive proper compensation.

Regardless of how the injuries occurred, be it as a result of a Car Accident, Slip and Fall, or from some other event, we can be of assistance as we have handled claims of all kinds. Additionally, regardless of the type of injuries that may have been suffered, whether they are minor, moderate, severe or extremely severe (Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Brain Injuries), We can be of assistance as we have handled injuries of all kinds. Our attorney also can be of assistance in the event of a loss of life (Fatality), or if coverage is being denied under a Disability Policy. our attorneys have settled injury files across a very wide range of monetary amounts, including large awards in the millions of dollars.

Car Accidents Attorneys

In the area of Personal Injury, many claims arise due to Car Accidents. In a Car Accident there is ultimately a determination made concerning who is at fault, or who is liable. In certain cases liability is shared on a percentage basis. In situations where there is a debate concerning liability, an accident reconstructionist may be employed to show how the accident occurred.

There can be issues concerning deductibles and car repairs, which our attorneys are also prepared to assist with. In a situation where the other driver is completely at fault an excellent injury claim would exist. In a situation where there is a sharing of liability, a claim still exists, but it is affected by the percentage of liability attaching to the client. In a situation where a passenger is injured, an excellent injury claim exists, either against the driver of the vehicle the passenger was in, the driver of the other vehicle, or the both of them combined. The one thing that is clear in a passenger situation is that the passenger wasn’t driving and consequently is entitled to full compensation.

car accident attorneys

It is important in Car Accidents that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to ensure that the true facts are documented concerning how the accident occurred enabling an honest evaluation of liability. There are also limitation period issues – a claim needs to be issued within a certain prescribed period of time or the claim is lost. As in any personal injury action, it is also important to document your injuries, seeking early and timely medical care. A lawyer, if contacted early, can also be of great assistance in dealing on your behalf with adjusters and other interested persons.

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Whiplash Injuries Attorneys

In many accident situations, and especially in the area of Car Accidents, Whiplash Injuries, which have recently been more commonly referred to as soft tissue injuries and bone misalignment, can develop. These injuries are often accompanied by headaches and, in a percentage of cases, by Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ), which is a misalignment of the jaw after whiplash and often can be identified by the jaw clicking.

Whiplash Injuries are caused by the unnaturally fast acceleration of body parts in an accident. Whiplash Injuries result from the operation of Physics. Force equals mass times acceleration. Different areas of our body weigh more than others, or have more mass. For example, the head is a very heavy part of the body that is placed on a relatively light neck area, and consequently the force exerted can be different, causing not only misaligned jaw problems, but also soft tissue or muscle damage in the neck and upper areas. Obviously injuries develop not only from motion but also from collision within the car.

It is easy to quantify a broken bone. If a leg is broken it requires certain treatment and there is a certain general recovery period. Soft tissue injuries or bone misalignment aren’t as easy to quantify – outwardly the person may look fine, there is no cast, but internally the pain can be great and the recovery extremely long. In some serious cases the injury victim may never have a complete 100% recovery but may plateau at a percentage lower than this.

Treatments vary with different physicians having their own treatment prejudices. Painkillers and muscle relaxants may be prescribed and the physician may also prescribe physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments or acupuncture.

Whiplash Injuries are very real and are very painful and must be treated seriously by both injury victims and medical professionals.

As with any injury, medical treatment must be obtained in a timely manner. Of equal importance is the need to follow up on the medical treatment so that:

1) you are treated properly and;

2) there is a proper record.

Additionally, a law firm should be retained as soon as possible to deal with the insurance company and ensure the case progresses properly. A law firm should be retained because we have extensive experience in this area and know the issues that must be dealt with.