The five senses of Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch are all extremely valuable and the loss of any one or more of them is tragic.

An injury victim who suffers a permanent loss of eyesight has had his or her life changed instantly and drastically. To suddenly be unable to see would be a terrifying prospect to deal with for anyone. It creates special needs that must be equally addressed. Basically, the person must learn to live a completely different life without the aid of eyesight. The injury victim must take special training and, of equal importance, will need to deal with extremely powerful emotional issues. As with any injury area there is a range of loss ending in total loss of sight.

As with any injury, medical treatment must be obtained in a timely manner. Of equal importance is the need to follow up on the medical treatment so that:

  1. You are treated properly.
  2. There is a proper record.

Additionally a law firm should be retained as soon as possible to deal with the insurance company and ensure the case progresses properly. A law firm should be retained because the issues involved are very complicated and there are simply so many issues to deal with.

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