In the area of Personal Injury, many claims arise due to Car Accidents. In a Car Accident there is ultimately a determination made concerning who is at fault, or who is liable. In certain cases liability is shared on a percentage basis. In situations where there is a debate concerning liability, an accident reconstructionist may be employed to show how the accident occurred.

There can be issues concerning deductibles and car repairs, which our attorneys are also prepared to assist with. In a situation where the other driver is completely at fault an excellent injury claim would exist. In a situation where there is a sharing of liability, a claim still exists, but it is affected by the percentage of liability attaching to the client. In a situation where a passenger is injured, an excellent injury claim exists, either against the driver of the vehicle the passenger was in, the driver of the other vehicle, or the both of them combined. The one thing that is clear in a passenger situation is that the passenger wasn’t driving and consequently is entitled to full compensation.

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It is important in Car Accidents that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to ensure that the true facts are documented concerning how the accident occurred enabling an honest evaluation of liability. There are also limitation period issues – a claim needs to be issued within a certain prescribed period of time or the claim is lost. As in any personal injury action, it is also important to document your injuries, seeking early and timely medical care. A lawyer, if contacted early, can also be of great assistance in dealing on your behalf with adjusters and other interested persons.

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