Imagine yourself in terrible pain across your body, although outwardly you arguably look fine. Imagine yourself being so tired as to not be able to function. Imagine all these things and then imagine people telling you there is nothing wrong with you, that it is all in your head – and not just any people, imagine medical professionals telling you this.

It was simply not that long ago that a person suffering from Fibromyalgia would, in all likelihood, not be taken seriously. Thankfully, it is now accepted, although there remains certain naysayers even today.

Fibromyalgia can be extremely debilitating, changing a person’s life dramatically. Fibromyalgia can rob a person of the life they’ve come to know, making simple day to day coping difficult.

Fibromyalgia finds its roots in soft tissue injuries that are widespread across the body. Soft tissue injuries, as a general category of injury, can be very painful and require long recovery times. Fibromyalgia is something more, as recovery does not seem to occur regardless of the passage of time or the efforts made by the injury victim.

As with any injury, medical treatment must be obtained in a timely manner. Of equal importance is the need to follow up on the medical treatment so that:

  1. You are treated properly.
  2. There is a proper record.

Additionally a law firm should be retained as soon as possible to deal with the insurance company and ensure the case progresses properly. A law firm should be retained because the issues involved are very complicated and there are simply so many issues to deal with.

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