This category of Personal Injury basically has no boundaries. Injuries can be suffered due to the negligence of others in an infinite number of ways.

An animal gets loose and severely damages someone’s ear in a pet store, a heavy piece of equipment falls off the wall of a department store onto someone’s head, or someone attacks someone else, inflicting injuries. These are all examples of actual civil claims. In the case of an assault, there may also be a criminal prosecution, but that does not influence the fact that a civil claim exists.

Pictures should be taken if they would be of assistance.

As in any Personal Injury action, it is important to document your injuries, seeking early and timely medical care. A lawyer, if contacted early, can also be of great assistance in dealing on your behalf with adjusters and others interested persons.

At our law firm we can be of assistance to you if you have been injured as a result of the negligence or actions of others.

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